“Greatly Divided”

I, although unseen at times always give thanks to you all. Especially for allowing me to share my growth in the precious form of poetry.

My prayer is that my words and works I leave behind do build and mend for a better tomorrow.

To orchestrate change, it must be envisioned, and that’s where the magic begins.
A shifting from Matrix style living, to one of shared Peace and Understanding.

We’re Different, but don’t have to remain divided. Let us not allow for tragedy and suffering to be the only way to build bridges.
The Humanitarian is one who sees, and seeks atonement from the paradigms that plague mankind’s state.

It’s a daring Hope with The Audacity to be the Change we See on a micro and macro level. Potential turned into Kenetic Energy creating and craving “The Positive Ripples Effects”.

Balance the Scales of Justice, Socially, Economically, Spiritually, and Physically.
It is not time to lay down, and sigh or die
unfullfilled. Be the Very Hand of God
not in Rhetoric or from Pulpits, but on the ground running towards Freedom.

This is the calling by which I have been commissioned, and my charge to keep. Fade we must from the physical plain and return to The Source.
What we do here on out in Love will determine the journey ahead. Look into veil with compassion and discuss in Love a better Union.

Are we not all Children of the Universe with a burning passion?? Help each other on the Road to Demascus, so all may see the dark and light.

The Peace has been Passed
“It is Finished”, and all may eat Gracefully
Upon the Power of The Words Of
Poetry and Pros in Motion
The Seas have been Split…

Selah Amen…….
Kevin Guru ©2019

“The Cure”

Normalcy to supremacy
infections to a Dream
Differed and Deffered
Great the duillusions
of hate in divided states

the obvious dirt
even “Ted” isn’t
afraid to mention
over coffee and
honest conversations

The darkest mirrors
we face, but
hope allows light
to shine
And all mankind
Is sublime
A signature of
The Divine…

Kevin Guru © 2019

“Soul Places” Kevin Guru ©2019

and final destinations
souls have yet to see
reservations for two
separately traveling
faithfully into the winds
of change

not yet drawn
on maps or globes
nobody really knows

until love calls,
souls needlessly
wander familiar
landscapes not
really living

a journey to love
with a known location
only to cartographers
of the heart

with tools like
compass and map key to
guide directly
Where two souls
are, and where they
yearn to be
locked in embrace
among the winds
of everlasting

Kevin Guru © 2019
~Photo Challenge~

“Heard not Seen”

It’s like being a child,
pushed into grown-up shoes
shoes just don’t fit
some situations

actions speak louder
but the hurt I’m feeling
is never seen
it’s like living
on borrowed time

like clockwork
up in morning serving
on the corner

the pitty patter
and patterns
of small feet
trying to complete a great
like a G’$ before me

swear the game
makes my heart colder
sticking to the code
of silence

my prayers are
now muffled
how I wish to be
a kid again

trying to
school and streets
got a young’n stressed
Lawd I confess
this ain’t the
life for me

Is it the grave
Or garaduation?
I hope da Lord hears
me, but don’t see
the dirt on
my feet

In and out of
grown up games
switching lanes
“JT Philmontana
said it best
“All gas no breaks”
My soul
twice as old
a Gemini doing
double life

One day we’ll have
to meet at fate
at the cross roads
where God and Devil
finally see me
A Soul that been
Map Questing my way back
Selah Amen

Kevin Guru © 2019
Freestyle Slam.

# Freestyle Photo Challenge

“Transitioning Seasons”

her time ends
the last kiss to
the air, her
frost retreats
moves cold hands
from life

her polar opposite
moves romantically,
and gracefully
into poised position

like Alice Coltrane
across piano keys
transitioning the
equinoxes in melody

a harmony of
they love
gentle yet harsh

the various
degrees of intimacy
seen in forward charges
and retreats

life in stages
ordered music
her sheets
freeze time,

his heat moves
at steady tempo
like heartbeats
to drum beats

diminished colors
not death
,but a quieter
stillness looms in air

with fire and passion
a formulated exchange
colors do bloom brighter

,and stems and limbs
reach higher
in the sky
much lighter

their touch contrasts
one of the other
but both submit
, and obey one another

even with stubborn
as seasons change
hellos and goodbyes
often linger
no one truely
wants to let go

as they greet, each
prays one for the other
safe travels to and
from where thou came

In Love and order
the power to regulate
weathered heartbeats
keeps them near
and far
like human dreams
aspire to touch the stars

although weary
we to must endure change
be it in life or death

we are but a temperat
touch in transitioning
from sleep to awake
between Heaven
or the coldest Hell

Kevin Guru ©2019

Transitioning Seasons